Tuesday, 28 June 2016
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Major Achievements

From the starting its activity on, Lightning's engineering team has been innovative and on the technology cutting-edge. Following technical milestones and the corresponding business milestones show the achievements.

Technical Milestones

1994 : First compact router with leased line and ISDN with integrated backup and overflow

1995: First personal, pocket-sized router (even in 2005 it is still the most compact in the world)

1996: First router with integration of voice functions (customized development for a client)

1997: First router with optional strong 128 bit key encoding

1998: First ISDN router with auto-configuration for the router and all PCs

1999: First router with Multi-Internet (Multi-PAT + Multi-NAT + Firewall + flexible Routing)

2000: First complete Linux system embedded in a router

2001: First completely flexible firewall and NAT system based on full connection inspection firewall technology

2002: First Linux-based routers engineered and delivered for a major aero-spatial project.

2003: First embedded VPN gateway with SSH port forwarding

2004: First High-Availability embedded Linux firewall and VPN gateway 

Business Milestones

1992 : Foundation of the networking division

1994: First router delivered to Switch, the Swiss Academic IP network

1996: Gained Swisscom as customer, partnership with its bluewin ISP

1997: over 1'000 customers installed. Gained UBS worldwide as customer

1998: Gained France Telecom as customer

1999: Gained Tata (India's largest company) as customer

2000: over 10'000 customers installed. Started joint project with Adept Telecom started for next generation broadband private phone exchange switch product

2001: Gained Cap Gemini Ernst & Young as strategic partner, won first major aero-spatial project

2002: Expanded sales territory to over 30 countries.

2003: Won railway IPSec VPN project

2004: Relaunched Lightning internationally

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