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Lightning firewalls successful against DDOS
Tuesday, 03 August 2004

Lightning firewalls successfully protect our customers from the latest attacks from worms, including the Distributed Denial Of Service attacks (DDOS).

PKI, X.509 and CA
Thursday, 18 March 2004

Lightning announces integrated PKI functions using X.509 certificates and a new CA product.

High Availability
Friday, 30 January 2004

Lightning announces a high-availability option for its firewall and VPN products.

ITU Telecom World 2003
Sunday, 12 October 2003

We are exhibiting at ITU Telecom World 2003 on the "Lake Geneva Region" booth number 4141-005 in Hall 4. Come visit us and see the Cup of America won by the Swiss Alinghi Team.

VPN with SSH Port forwarding
Tuesday, 20 May 2003

Lightning announces a powerful new VPN option for all MultiCom Firewalls using the upcomming firmware 3.5: SSH Port Forwarding.

SSH Port Forwarding allows you to forward TCP connections such as POP3 mail, HTTP, telnet, VNC, Microsoft Remote Desktop and others over an encrypted SSH connection. This avoids the network traffic being sent in cleartext. For example, your home computer can be securely connected to the mail server at the office.