Monday, 20 May 2024
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At LIGHTNING, we believe that Internet access must be fast, secure, easy-to-use and above all, dependable.

That belief has helped us become the leading name in secure Internet access gateway solutions; appliances that combine innovative technology with high manufacturing standards to set new levels in performance.

Our products include broadband over xDSL, cable and wireless modems as well as ISDN and Leased Line routers. We build the smallest ISDN router in the world and developed the first Internet access gateway embedding a complete LINUX system.

And we are already developing the next generation of Internet infrastructure. Together with our strategic partners we are creating the technology for ever more powerful, secure, LINUX based, PC-less, Internet Appliances.

Whether you have a home office, or a small or medium business, whether you are an enterprise user, an ISP or a carrier, we have flexible solutions that are designed and scaled around your needs now - and in the future.

Corporate Profile

About the company

LIGHTNING MultiCom SA is the leading manufacturer of Secure Internet Access Gateway Appliances, with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and presence in more than 30 countries across the world.


Major Achievements

From the starting its activity on, Lightning's engineering team has been innovative and on the technology cutting-edge. Following technical milestones and the corresponding business milestones show the achievements.


Career opportunities

Our team is made of highly qualified technical people paired with experienced and international sales force.

Thank you for your interest. We currently have no open position in our Lightning routers and firewall products team.


Customer References

Lightning's best definition of quality, reliability, performance and value is through it's who-is-who customers reference list, including global top 500 organisations, and most of Switzerland's top 25 companies.