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Lightning proposes cost-effective and flexible solutions for any type of network security and Internet connectivity needs you may have.

There are MultiCom solutions for securing local networks connections via ISDN, leased lines, and Ethernet infrastructures. All are based on our versatile and dependable LIGHTNING-Linux software.

All offer high performance and high standards of availability. Naturally, all provide high security, and can be equipped with the strongest encryption algorithms available today.

All are easy to set up, thanks to the multilingual EasyConfig wizard. Simply enter the ISP's phone number, username and password, using the graphic interface provided. The local network and the device itself will be automatically configured, ready to connect you to the Internet, and get your network working with the world.

MultiCom Routers Features overview

Features graphMultiCom routers are very small in size but fully packed with an incredible set of features. This graph shows an overview of the main features in the Pocket MultiCom, the still world's smallest ISDN router !

Configuration scheduling

Image Up to 6 independant configurations can be installed and scheduled for activation at different times. This allows time-based routing, filtering, firewalling, VPN, access and backup control. One confugration can be activated at the simple press of the configuration button.

Internet Access: AutoConfiguration
EasyConfig ADSL

Lightning products are well suited to simply access the Internet without PC configuration hassles. AutoConfiguration (TM) is our ultimate "Plug and Browse safely" achievement.

Do you know the nicest thing about all our extensive and broad featureset ?

Double Firewalls: Safe Internet access
In fact, two distinct firewalls are included

Lightning's MultiCom products allow an easy and secure internet access. The strong integrated double-firewall prevents harmful trafic penetrating into the local computer network. Each standard unit includes not just one, but two different firewalls in series. This setup makes an unwanted intrusion very improbable, and solidifies tremendously the the overall security.

VPN: Private virtual links over the Internet
Lightning IPSec VPN allow highest security connections globally

Lightning's products with VPN IPSec option allow for secure linking of branch offices, home offices, customers and partners over the Internet.

Road warriors: Private remote access to your network
Road warriors can access central site with any kind of system or from any network supporting IPSec or SSH, provided they have the access authorisation and/or key.

Lightning's products with VPN IPSec option or SSH Port forwarding option allow mobile users with laptops, PDAs or smartphones to access remotely and safely their private network over the Internet.

ADSL and Broadband: Fast and permanent access
Lightning's broadband products include advanced ADSL, CATV, xDSL and Ethernet standards for improved connectivity, performance, security integration and manageability.
ISDN: Connecting for dial-up and backup
Lightning's professional router products include advanced ISDN connectivity and features packed into practical form-factors.
Leased lines: permanent professional links
Most of Lightning's professional 19" router products include Leased-line connectivity and features for permanent dedicated links serving Internet connection or a point-to-point corporate link.
Multi-Internet: expanding the use of Internet
Multi-Internet applications and benefits

Lightning's Multi-Internet ® technology brings key competitive advantages to ISPs and corporate customers, allowing them to use the same simple path through the Internet for multiple uses.

Encryption technologies

EncryptionLightning's products support optionally world-class strong encryption.  This includes a broad range of cypher-algorithms to choose from for security and interoperability reasons, encryption protocols, keys etc.

The Demilitarized Zone

Use of the DMZ with MultiCom Ethernet IIISome of the MultiCom firewall VPN gateway products, like MultiCom Ethernet III and MultiCom Enterprise Ethernet have a third interface, which can be used for any purpose.

One of them is the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), quanrrantaining the semi-public or public servers from the rest of the network.

Why Lightning ?
We won the

Why Lightning's firewalls and VPN gateways are recommended and used by banks and other security-conscious clients ?

Most encryption and VPN devices on the market do not provide an adequate level of protection, only using DES and triple-DES.

Lightning uses state of the art technology, and gives the choice of the encryption algorithms to the user. The standard ones include IDEA, CAST, Blowfish, Twofish, AES, DES and 3DES to provide the needed level of transmission security for the user's (and his clients') sensitive and valuable data.

High-Availability: for critical missions

Redundant High-Availability solutions for mission-critical systems include active hot sparesLightning's professional firewall and VPN products have a High-Availability (HA) option, allowing to put them in parallel redundancy schemes, in such a way that a single failure will not be notticed by users.

Management features
Object-oriented firewall configuration in multi-platform Java configurator

The Lightning products can be easily installed and managed with any web-browser thanks to the built-in web server, with an easy to use but powerfull installation wizard. A multi-platform management tool is also included standard with these products.

WiFi: Wireless access points hot-spots
Lightning's professional MultiCom Enterprise Ethernet WiFi product allows the setup of industrial 802.11 access points and of hot-spots for industrial applications.
GSM and 3G UMTS: Mobile and industrial solutions
New Lightning MultiCom GSM and UMTS products are available for industrial applications. Such applications include mobile access as well as telemetry and teleaction in different fields.
Why protect sensitive data ?
A lot of tools and projects exist to filter data

Today, with the highly increasing intelligence budgets and technology, hackers and intelligence services have tools which allow them to tap the Internet selectively for strategic, competitive and confidential information.

Some well known examples from the intelligence services include Echelon, Carnivore, Magic Lantern and Tias among others.

High-Security: at high level

Lightning has becom synonym of QualityLightning's products are used by top Swiss banks, governments, and even by the European Space Agency for the EGNOS mission-critical GPS enhancement project for the civil aviation. Major carriers and ISPs rely on Lightning to connect their customers safely to the Internet. Following features make the difference.

Lightning VPN and Firewall: Unique benefits

Lightning MultiCom IPSec VPN gateway and firewall provide unique benefits to security- and cost-conscious corporate customers.

High-Availability using redundancy, support for Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) using X.509 certificate and certificate authority (CA) in addition of Pre-shared Keys (PSK), extensive encryption algorithms support, including IDEA, AES and CAST, dual stateful Object firewall, Multimedia and IPSec pass-through, profile scheduling, split security management, certificate management tools, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Quality Of Service (QOS) including concurrent sessions control, support for IPSec network tunnels with dynamic IP addresses at both ends, built-in SSH VPN server with port-forwarding capabilities, load balancing and Internet connection failover: All those features put the Lightning VPN gateways and firewalls at the top of the security appliances and contributes to really unique user benefits. Extended interoperability has been tested by an independant telco test-lab.