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Welcome to LIGHTNING on-line technical support pages. Whatever the purpose of your visit, we are confident that here you will find answers to your questions.

Help yourself to some answers about our MultiCom routers and gateways. The fastest way to find answers 24 hours a day! If you are having a problem with a LIGHTNING product or just want to enhance your knowledge, this is the place to be for fast answers to common and obscure technical issues.


uses 3.x firmware uses 2.x firmware uses 2.x firmware uses 2.x firmware
MultiCom SpeedSurf Ethernet II, III, Enterprise Ethernet/ADSL/WiFiPocketLAN Access CenterSeries IV

You can also request technical support via E-mail.

Latest 3.x firmware is 3.7  (IPSec activation requires key from your distributor)
Latest 2.x firmware is 2.6.1

You will find below the main categories of support information, all available online:


Here you can register your product, allowing you to access our full technical support section, to customer newsletters, and to firmware and software updates. 


Here you will find online all our technical documentation, including Manuals, configuration samples, firmware releases history and much more.

Please take a look at the available sub-menus on the side, which give online access to dozens of documents.

There is a good chance that you will find the answer to your question within the next ten minutes, just by browsing and searching.


Firmware and Software Updates are available to registered customers through local distributors and online on this website in the sub-menu "Support/Software/Download Software", which becomes visible once you log-in.

Here you will find links to Shareware, freeware and other 3rd Party Software not developed by LIGHTNING MultiCom SA, and without warrantee or support from LIGHTNING.