Thursday, 18 July 2024
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Customer References

Lightning's best definition of quality, reliability, performance and value is through it's who-is-who customers reference list, including global top 500 organisations, and most of Switzerland's top 25 companies.

List extract

For obvious privacy reasons, we are publishing only a few customers with their approval, out of our today's 20'000+ installed base:


  • UBS
  • Swisscom
  • France Telecom


  • European Space Agency
  • Alcatel Space Industries

Computer services:

  • CapGemini

Sample international customer installations cover over 70 countries worldwide and applications include :

  • Railway
  • Police
  • Food chains
  • Customer service remote network access
  • Highway information pannels
  • Managed firewall services
  • Hotel chains
  • Travel agencies
  • And many many more...


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