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Lightning Flash

Here is the archive of Lightning news flash "The Lightning Flash". It includes success stories with world-class telecom operators, world-class banks, hotel chains, as well as break-through technology stories, including Multi-Internet (TM), Security, firewalls, etc. [in PDF]

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Corporate-class unlimitted firewall-gateways for SMEs, new multiple-NAT and multiple-firewall features in MultiCom Ethernet series, the new MultiCom Ethernet III, transparent redirections to proxies, load balancing features. Lightning's contribution to the Open Source Linux community. Sucess-Story: Schools on Internet in France with Scolagora in cooperation with France Telecom. [597k]

Security/VPN: Lightning runs on IPSec highways, Lightning-Linux: Lightning bets on Linux, creating a new technology for routers and Internet appliances. New products: Series IV and MultiCom Ethernet II. [large file: 1.74MB]

Lightning's xDSL and Cable-TV solutions, Success stories with France Telecom Oléane, Swisscom bluewin, and Multi-Internet (TM) backgrounder. [300k]

Security in Computer networks, Multi-Internet (TM) technology story with multiple NAT and PAT, Success stories: France Telecom, Major Banks use Lightning's security products, highlight on UBS and Axus [303k]

Easy Configuration and AutoConfiguration, the Never Busy Line, Success Story: Hotel Management. [782k]