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MultiCom Enterprise Ethernet

The Lightning MultiCom Enterprise Ethernet is a central-site 19" rackable and desktop VPN concentrator and firewall, capable of handling up to 200 concurrent VPN IPSec sessions with High-Availability. IPSec for up to 200 tunnels is available

4 LAN Ethernet 10/100 switched ports interface + 1 WAN Ethernet 10/100 interface + 1 DMZ 10/100 interface.


Enterprise-class unlimited firewall and VPN appliance for broadband Internet access

The MultiCom Enterprise Ethernet is the ideal solution for securely connecting your medium to large-sized business to the Internet and to remote sites through secure extended networks. It delivers maximum firewall and VPN performance as well as unlimited node security. At 1U rack unit, the fully integrated, rack mountable appliance employs stateful inspection firewall technology to protect against all external attacks with integrated IPSec VPN connectivity.

In addition to protecting your LAN effectively from outside hacker attacks, the MultiCom Enterprise Ethernet delivers encrypted tunnelling for virtual private networks. Built on the IPSec standard technology, it can be used as an optimised VPN aggregator, in both tunnel and transport modes. In order to provide enterprise-class VPN security, it includes not only well-known algorithms DES and 3DES, but also the most secure encryption protocols available today , AES and IDEA.

The MultiCom Enterprise Ethernet features an intuitive administration Wizard that greatly simplifies security management. Administrators can configure scalable gateway protection for networks of any size through local or remote management options.

Main features include:

  • Security: built-in stateful firewall prevents attacks from intruders
  • High-speed: WAN 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port for broadband Internet access
  • VPN IPSec up to 200 tunnels
  • PPPoE, PPTP, DHCP, static IP, RIP I&II broadband access support built-in
  • Dynamic DNS services support
  • Easy connection: integrated 4-port Ethernet switching hub 10/100 Mbits/s
  • Time-saving: Easy configuration, remote management and supervision
  • Rackmountable and desktop 19" metal case for industrial applications
  • Optional built-in PCI slot for custom extensions.
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