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MultiCom LAN Access Center

The Lightning MultiCom LAN Access Center is a 19" 3U rack-mountable modular ISDN BRI and PRI as well as leased-lines router with strong link-level and IP-level encryption option possibility. It is capable of handling up to 30 concurrent ISDN B-channels and 2 concurrent leased lines, and even bundling them for 2 Mbits/s. It also supports 1-30 leased B-channels.

1 LAN Ethernet interface + 2 WAN Serial V35/X21/V36 leased line + 0-12 ISDN BRI interfaces OR 0-1 ISDN PRI interfaces.


The solution for secure dial-up central sites for remote access.

Used by Swiss banks.

The LIGHTNING MultiCom LAN Access Center delivers fully secure network connectivity for remote workgroups and for single remote users.

The MultiCom LAN Access Center is a central-site multiprotocol router and bridge for remote network access. It routes TCP/IP, while bridging other protocols. Up to 32 remote locations can be served simultaneously via ISDN and Leased Lines.

This 19 rack-mountable unit includes three ports: Ethernet and two Leased Line serial interfaces. Four expansion slots accept various ISDN expansion boards.

  • Can use up to 30 ISDN B channels
  • Never Busy ISDN Line, handling up to 200 remote sites, depending on configuration complexity and available memory
  • Two Leased Line serial ports
  • High Security level and 128 bit key encryption option
  • Cost-effective use of a single-user Internet account

Please contact Lightning to check delivery delays before planning with the LAN Access Center.

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