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Pocket MultiCom

The Lightning Pocket MultiCom is a pocket-sized ISDN BRI router with strong link-level and IP-level encryption option possibility. It is capable of handling 2 concurrent B-channels, and even bundling them for 128 kbits/s. The standard version supports also 1-2 leased B-channels.

1 LAN Ethernet interface + 1 WAN ISDN BRI interface.


Fast and Secure access to Internet.

The Pocket MultiCom is not only the world's smallest ISDN Internet Access Router, but also the most easy to configure and to use. With its AutoConfiguration(tm), not only does it configure itself, but also all your computers for Internet access.

Its integrated firewall SecureWall(TM) protects your computers against Internet-hackers, while the 128-bit key strong encryption option allows for links through ISDN and Internet (VPN) with the highest security level.

  • Very easy to configure: AutoConfiguration(TM) for MultiCom and computers
  • Firewall function integrated in the router with SecureWall(TM)
  • Single User Internet Access for all your computers
  • Save money thanks to ISDN compression
  • Optional 128 bit key encryption with IDEA, DES and 3DES
  • This option includes PPP ISDN link-level and IP-level encryption
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