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VPN Firewall features
The MultiCom VPN gateways and firewalls share a large feature-set and the same easy to use configuration graphical and console-style user interfaces. The VPN gateways include MultiCom SpeedSurf, Ethernet II and III as well as Enterprise Ethernet series, have a really complete feature-set. The following list shows a selection of features for Virtual Private Networks, network security and firewalling, traffic control and network management, as well as detailed highlighted features for these aspects.

The MultiCom VPN Firewall are VPN Gateways for companies to expand their networks and provide secure remote access.  Wire-speed routing and powerful address translation allows secured limited exposure of company servers to the Internet.  They are easy to install and manage, while offering broad and deep features making them the ideal solution to secure Internet traffic.

Virtual Private Networks

Expand local networks securely over the Internet, wireless and other IP networks using world-class encryption.  Enable remote access to work and home while keeping your internal network safe. Site-to-site VPN allows branch offices to share network resources.

Dual Firewall Technology

An integrated dual firewall with stateful packet inspection (SPI) and concurrent connection tracking protects your computers from intrusion and attacks. The built-in multi-source attack protection provides a wealth of advanced attack protection services to defend businesses from many popular forms of attacks, including Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks, fragmented attacks, replay attacks, spoofing attacks, TCP flag attacks, and  malformed packet attacks.

The SPI firewall provides rich stateful connection inspection firewall  services, tracking the state of all network communications and preventing unauthorized network access. Deep Packet Inspection techniques allow for automatic application and protocol state tracking, extended multiple Network Address and Port Translation (multi-NAT / PAT) services, and attack detection techniques. Real-time alerts using email, syslog and SNMP messages allows notification of possible attacks or use of filtered sites.

A second distinct WAN firewall, the SecureWall (TM) firewall, posted in front of the SPI firewall, allows for the added security of a second independant firewall in the same unit, without the additional purchase and management costs of a separate unit.

URL Filtering blocks unwanted sites, enabling businesses to enforce usage policies  and protect network bandwidth for legitimate business applications.

Installation Wizards

The Secure VPN Firewall can be easily installed, configured and managed through a Web browser.  Advanced configuration software is also available.

Configuration Scheduling

Up to six configurations can be installed and scheduled for activation at different times.  One  custom configuration can be activated by an external configuration button.


Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

  • IPSec Server and Client
  • SSH VPN Server
  • Connection Tests
  • Manual, PSK and PKI X.509 Keys
  • High Availability Option (HA)

Network Security and Firewall

  • Double Firewall included
  • Network Firewall
  • Real-Time Alerts and Logs
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Stateful Packet Inspection
  • Network Monitoring Option
  • Intrusion Detection System

Traffic Control

  • URL Filtering
  • Static and RIP Routing
  • Port and Address Translation
  • Multimedia Passthrough
  • Round-Robin Load Sharing
  • Concurrent Session Control


  • Configuration Wizards
  • Web and CLI Interface
  • Object Filtering
  • Profile Scheduling
  • DHCP, Domain Name, FTP, and Network Time Servers

Detailed technical features 

Firmware release 3.7.

Virtual Private Network - IPSec

  • PKI x.509 certificates, Preshared and Manual key authentication
  • AES (Rijndael), CAST128, Twofish, Blowfish, and 3DES Ciphers
  • NAT-Traversal
  • Dead Peer Detection
  • DHCP over IPSec
  • Protocol Filtering
  • Dynamic Domain Name Endpoints
  • Connection Testing
  • Configuration Wizard
  • PKI Certificate Management Software available
  • Compatible with Windows 2000/ XP Pro, MacOSX and Linux IPSec clients
  • IPSec client software available
  • IPSec pass-through
  • High Availability option

Virtual Private Network - SSH

  • TCP Port Forwarding Server
  • TCP Gateway Ports Server
  • Username/ password authentication
  • Username/ public key authentication
  • Network encryption using Rijndael (AES128, 192, 256), Blowfish, CAST128, Arcfour, 3DES
  • Custom port usage (default TCP 22)
  • SSH Protocol version 1 and 2
  • RSA and DSA Public Key Management
  • NAT-Traversal
  • Client software available for Windows, MacOSX, MacOS9, and other Operating Systems

Network Security

  • SecureWall Connection Tracking
  • Filtering Firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection
  • Protect against External Intrusions, Denial of Service (DoS), Port Scanning, Spoofing Attacks
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) using SPI filtering and syslog
  • Real-time alerts & statistics using Syslog, SNMPv2, Event Monitor and E-mail
  • Digitally-signed firmware upgrades
  • Secure SSL (HTTPS) and SSHv2 (telnet) for Remote Configuration
  • Network Service Monitoring Option

Traffic Control

  • URL Filtering blocks web connections using URL and keywords
  • IP protocol routing, static and dynamic (RIP v.1 + v. 2) configuration
  • Multiple Port Address Translation (PAT) and Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Multimedia (H.323, IRC, ICQ) and local PPTP client connection passthrough
  • Internet Connection Sharing
  • Dynamic DNS Supporting 11 Providers
  • Round-robin load sharing
  • Concurrent Session Control (default 4,096)
  • Wire-speed routing and filtering (in normal conditions)
  • DHCP and PPPoE client
  • DNS Proxy and Cache

Management Services

  • Telnet, console and SSH Command Line Interface (CLI) with network tools like ping, traceroute, and name server lookup
  • Web-based firmware upgrades
  • Multi-language web interface
  • 10 user accounts with passwords & access rights
  • Network Time (NTP) Server
  • Embedded Domain Name Server (DNS)
  • Object Filtering
  • Configuration Profiling for 6 different configurations with manual or scheduled loading (day, hour, minute)
  • Quick Restore Button with LED feedback to load boot, emergency or default configurations
  • DHCP server (up to 1000 clients)
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