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Lightning PPP/MP Compatibility

The Lightning PPP/MP implementation in software release 2.x for the MultiCom range of ISDN and leased line routers allows the connection to and from all ISDN devices conforming to the PPP link protocol. It has the following features:

  • Synchronous PPP over multiple ISDN, Leased Lines, and Leased B-channels
  • Bandwidth-on-Demand (BoD) with channel bundling (MP)
  • Supports multiple concurrent protocols: IPCP, IPXCP, BCP
  • Standard Stac LZS compression with CCP
  • Optional strong encryption (IDEA) with ECP
  • Authentication with PAP or CHAP with periodical CHAP authentication for increased security
  • Dynamic DNS negotiation
  • Dynamic IP allocation, as server and client
  • Supports Leased Line and Leased B-channels backup and overflow over ISDN
  • Has been successfully tested with all major synchronous PPP implementations, among which but not limited to:
    • Ascend MAX4000
    • Cisco 2500
    • Cisco 4500
    • Cisco AS5200
    • Livingston PortMaster III
    • US Robotics Total Control
    • Zyxel Elite 2864I
    • Zyxel Prestige 128
  • Also compatible with ISDN boards and built-in ISDN interfaces
  • Concurrent support of more than one remote site per B-channel, thanks to the "Never Busy Line" feature exclusive to Lightning
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