Yes, it is possible to use X11 with PAT, the dynamic addressage and DHCP on Pocket MultiCom, as well as other applications critical X-Windows or H.323. Adjustments to be made:

X and PAT:
Server X listens on the port 6000 + number of server. The number of server is 0 per default. It is thus enough to do one

IP translation map 6000/tcp to to make X

If there are several local machines, it is enough to use a number of server different by machine (ex 0, 1, 2,..) and of mapper the ports

IP translation map 6000/tcp to
IP translation map 6001/tcp to

X and ssh:
The ssh distributes by default under Unix allows tunneler connections X by connection cypher telnet . Not need for mapping.

The versions for Windows also do it (ex: fprot-ssh http://www.ssh.fi/sshprotocols2/download.html)

X and ftp:
The distribution of the server X Exceed for Windows contains a ftp which can automatically make liability.

IPSEC does not support the translation of address, since Authentication Header (AH) also protects heading IP precisely against translations of address!

We will have an implementation of IPSEC in conformity in second half of year.

H.323 and WhitePine CuSeeMe:
The following ports are used:

  • TCP 7640 Telnet
  • TCP 7642 HTTP
  • TCP 7648, 7649 Mpcs connections
  • UDP 7648, 7649 Video Streams
  • UDP 24032 RTP
  • TCP 1503 T120
  • TCP 1720 H323 signal
  • UDP 1812 Radius autentication
  • UDP 1813 Radius account

Thus should be made the following translations:
  • IP Translation Map 7640/TCP to
  • IP Translation Map 7642/TCP to
  • IP Translation Map 7648/TCP to
  • IP Translation Map 7649/TCP to
  • IP Translation Map 7648/UDP to
  • IP Translation Map 7649/UDP to
  • IP Translation Map 24032/UDP to
  • IP Translation Map 1503/TCP to
  • IP Translation Map 1720/TCP to
  • IP Translation Map 1812/UDP to
  • IP Translation Map 1813/UDP to


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