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ADSL and Broadband: Fast and permanent access
Lightning's broadband products include advanced ADSL, CATV, xDSL and Ethernet standards for improved connectivity, performance, security integration and manageability.

ADSL and Broadband standards

Broadband is rapidly gaining ground throughout the world, providing fast and permanent connection to the Internet. Data transfer speeds at least 10 times faster than conventional 56-kilobits-per-second modems over dial-up connections it can increase productivity and open the way to new on-line services such as video.

Naturally, broadband (via ADSL, cable modem, xDSL, wireless and satellite connections) offers many important benefits to users - but its relative complexity and the sheer quantity of data that must be dealt with mean it also offers substantial technical challenges.

LIGHTNING's MultiCom Broadband firewalls are more than able to meet these challenges, allowing you to build a secure broadband connection into your network, while still enjoying the highest standards of reliability and availability.

While professional configuration can be very broad and deep, the built-in web-based Setup Wizzard allows a very easy setup. 

All kind of protocols and features are supported for compatibility with the vast majority of broadband modems and routers. Here the most important ones

  • PPoE
  • PPTP
  • DHCP client, server and relay
  • Static single IP and multiple IP subnets
  • Dynamic IP
  • DNS proxy, server, client
  • DynDNS
  • ARP proxy
  • User-settable MAC address
  • Ethernet Full-duplex, Half-Duplex, 10 or 100 Mbits/s (depending on model)
  • Ethernet Autonegotiation or manual overrides
  • Broadband Access Concentrator selection

All MultiCom Ethernet, SpeedSurf and Enterprise products provide such functions.


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