ISDN: Connecting for dial-up and backup
Lightning's professional router products include advanced ISDN connectivity and features packed into practical form-factors.

ISDN access

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) connections provide a relatively simple method of sending data over telephone lines or normal telephone wires at speeds substantially (typically up to 3 times) faster than those provided by today's fastest analog modems.

LIGHTNING's MultiCom ISDN equipped routers can deal with the speed and quantity of data and by automatic switching can make the best use of ISDN line facilities, and allow your entire LAN to make the optimum use of your ISDN connection.

These solutions can all provide features such as caller prioritisation and flexible bandwidth, and a wealth of security measures including calling line identification and call detail records, as well as optional strong encryption features.

All MultiCom Pocket, Series IV and LAN Access Center products provide such functions.


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