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High-Availability: for critical missions

Redundant High-Availability solutions for mission-critical systems include active hot sparesLightning's professional firewall and VPN products have a High-Availability (HA) option, allowing to put them in parallel redundancy schemes, in such a way that a single failure will not be notticed by users.


High Availability enhances the operations security

Mission-critical systems, as such used for the European Space Agency's civil airplanes GPS positionning system EGNOS rely not only on a very high reliability of each component (such as Lightning's professional series of products) but also on a system redundancy and High-Availability (HA) mechanisms.

Large corporate customers rely every second on their computing infrastructure. Downtime and data corruption are not an option.

LIGHTNING's professional range of MultiCom routers, firewalls and VPN gateways support such redundancy schemes at the highest level of availability: High Availability (HA). They use various techniques to achieve such a secure remote access:

  • Parallel setups with hot running spares or load sharing setups
  • Virtual Router Redundancy (VRRP) synchronising and controlling functions several times each second
  • Voting and Self-election in redundant clusters of Lightning gateways
  • Distributed redundant setups allow to extend the redundancy to the premisces and for online instant catastrophe recovery.
  • Dynamic Routing (RIP, DynDNS) finding the safest path for routing the information.

Such setups, partially found only in very rare high-end pricy equipments are a simple software option which can also be added later on all Lightning professional firewalls and VPN gateways.

Example of a redundant load sharing setup with multiple IPSs.

With a MultiCom professional firewall, your network runs uniterrupted.

All MultiCom Ethernet, SpeedSurf and Enterprise products provide such a High-Availability option.

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