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Leased lines: permanent professional links
Most of Lightning's professional 19" router products include Leased-line connectivity and features for permanent dedicated links serving Internet connection or a point-to-point corporate link.

Leased lines

Leased line services provide permanent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week point to point connection and are particularly suitable for companies that require fixed cost, high performance internet access with symetrical inbound-outbound speeds, or to provide high quality communication between geographically distant offices.

LIGHTNING's MultiCom leased line equipped routers can offer the full-time availability and performance necessary to make full use of leased line communication, and provide efficient connections for LANs to a leased line service. They can allow the assembly of a secure Intranet or virtual private network across cities or even continents.

For companies that use a leased line link to the Internet capable of dealing with a very high volume of data, they can provide the level of performance necessary for enterprise-critical applications, as well as the detailed security to deal with commercial and sensitive data, including optional strong encryption.

All MultiCom Serial IV, Classic IV, Backup IV and LAN Access Center products provide such functions.


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