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WiFi: Wireless access points hot-spots
Lightning's professional MultiCom Enterprise Ethernet WiFi product allows the setup of industrial 802.11 access points and of hot-spots for industrial applications.

WiFi 802.11

This 19" rack-mountable unit supports all features of the MultiCom Enterprise Ethernet, plus all current WiFi standards:

Wireless networks can be configured in all three possible modes:

  • Managed: Another device is acting as the Access Point for the wireless  network. All wireless devices must communicate through the Access Point.
  • Ad-hoc: also called a peer-to-peer network, all wireless devices can communicate with each other directly as long as the wireless device is within  range of the signal
  • Master: sets the MultiCom Firewall as the Access Point for the wireless  network. This allows the MultiCom Firewall to distribute IP addresses and  manage the wireless activity on the network. All wireless devices must  communicate through the MultiCom Firewall. These other devices will be  configured in Managed mode.

The WiFi interface handling includes IP routing and WLAN bridging to LAN with support of the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).  STP  should be used when 2 or more Bridges are connected to the same  network. This protocol dynamically manages redundant paths to the  bridged networks while eliminating loops in the bridged network  topology, allowing for a seamless and complete integration.

The Easy Setup wizard of the Configurator software and the built-in Web server allow quick configuration of the needed  WiFi parameters.

Diagnostics and WiFi status information is available from the built-in web server or from the Configurator software’s Monitor window.

Further WiFi security features already available include:

  • SSID without broadcast
  • Access Control List based on MAC hardware addresses
  • 40 or 104 bit based Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption
  • Optional use of IPSec tunnels over the WLAN
  • Optional use of SSH Port Forwarding over the WLAN
  • other new security standards will follow after their finalization.

For now, only the MultiCom Enterprise Ethernet WiFi product provides such functions.


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