Double Firewalls: Safe Internet access
In fact, two distinct firewalls are included

Lightning's MultiCom products allow an easy and secure internet access. The strong integrated double-firewall prevents harmful trafic penetrating into the local computer network. Each standard unit includes not just one, but two different firewalls in series. This setup makes an unwanted intrusion very improbable, and solidifies tremendously the the overall security.


Networks have become essential to organisations of all types, and the standard for connecting computers into a local area network or LAN remains Ethernet, whatever the changing access method is (ADSL, cable, leased lines, ISDN, and so on).

LIGHTNING has a range of MultiCom firewalls and VPN gateways supporting Ethernet connections at both low and high speed, which allow communication with other LANs, or a simple way for all members of a LAN to share a single broadband connection to the Internet.

These solutions also ensure security for your network with a double firewall for controlled access. With a MultiCom firewall your network can be protected against all the common threats such as External Intrusions, Denial of Service (DoS), Port Scanning and Spoofing Attacks. They even include an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) with Syslog to keep you informed when attempts on your security have been made.

Dual firewall is included: a Stateful connection inspection firewall and a Securewall stateful firewall make it a 2 for 1 product. 

In addition, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allow remote users to gain access to remote networks (or parts thereof) in a transparent and secure way.

All Lightning products come standard with unlimitted firewalling functions.


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