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Lightning has becom synonym of QualityLightning's products are used by top Swiss banks, governments, and even by the European Space Agency for the EGNOS mission-critical GPS enhancement project for the civil aviation. Major carriers and ISPs rely on Lightning to connect their customers safely to the Internet. Following features make the difference.

Swiss Security at its best

Network access security is essential in the wild open Internet, where any connection gets sophisticated automated hacking trials many times each hour.

Companies, professionnals, banks and governments rely every minute on their computing infrastructure function and integrity. Downtime and data corruption are not acceptable.

Therefore, network security has become essential to organisations of all types. But as remote connectivity to the corporate network has also become very important, secure remote access is the only viable solution.

LIGHTNING has a range of MultiCom VPN gateways supporting such safe remote connectivity at the highest level of security. They use various techniques to achieve such a secure remote access:

  • VPN (Virtual Private Networks) is the generic name for such connectivity
  • IPSec (Internet Protocol Secured) is a standard for private VPNs
  • SSH Port Forwarding (Secure SHell) is a simple and secure remote TCP service connectivity, which can be used for any type of TCP protocols, including Web and mail.
  • Firewall protection of all ports of the device, as well as of each of the VPN connections.

Graph of full VPN solution including VPN gateway, firewall and various wireless and WAN connectivity solutions.

While all VPN clients and gateway provide basic connectivity, an important Lightning differentiator is the amount of privacy measures implemented by Lightning's VPN gateways. These include:

  • Encryption of all data transiting over the tunnel
  • Authentication of the remote sides
  • Filtering and double-firewalling of the private traffic
  • Monitoring of the private tunnel
  • Protecting the VPN device itself from hackers and malicious code
  • Designing the device with proven open-source software

The Lightning VPN+firewall+broadband router solutions also ensure security for your network's connection to the Internet with a firewall for controlled access, as well as secure remote access to the network by road warriors.

Finally, the built-in simultaneous IPSec-passthrough allows even a double VPN tunnelling !

With a MultiCom firewall, your network can be protected against all the common Internet threats such as External Intrusions, Denial of Service (DoS), Port Scanning and Spoofing Attacks. They even include an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) with Syslog to keep you informed when attempts on your security have been made.

All MultiCom Ethernet, SpeedSurf and Enterprise products provide such a VPN and SSH port forwarding option.

Today, your highly sensitive internal and customer data is at the risk of hackers and of foreign intelligence services, who benefit from new technologies and increased budgets to break into your insufficiently protected network (even with standard DES VPNs).

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Banks, insurance companies, healthcare organizations, and governments are a privileged strategic target of hackers and of foreign intelligence services. Privacy protection laws require also the protection of customers' data. You must adapt your level of protection to the new threats.

Lightning uses state of the art technology to provide the necessary level of transmission security for your (and your customers') sensitive and valuable information: read
Why Lightning's firewalls and VPN gateways are recommended and used by banks and other security conscious clients.

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