Road warriors: Private remote access to your network
Road warriors can access central site with any kind of system or from any network supporting IPSec or SSH, provided they have the access authorisation and/or key.

Lightning's products with VPN IPSec option or SSH Port forwarding option allow mobile users with laptops, PDAs or smartphones to access remotely and safely their private network over the Internet.


VPN Remote access with IPSec and SSH port forwarding

Networks have become essential to organisations of all types, and also a good and safe remote connectivity to the corporate network has also become very important.

LIGHTNING has a range of MultiCom VPN gateways supporting such safe remote connectivity at the highest level of security.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allow remote mobile users to gain access to remote networks (or parts thereof) over the Internet in a transparent and secure way.

The secure remote access can be done with a software VPN client running on a laptop, PDA or smartphone, or with an external small device such as the Lightning palm-sized MultiCom SpeedSurf.The VPN client open on demand a secured link over the Internet, connecting the remote user privately the corporate network.

While all VPN clients and gateway provide basic connectivity, an important Lightning differentiator is the amount of privacy measures implemented by Lightning's VPN gateways. to reach top security measures.

All MultiCom Ethernet, SpeedSurf and Enterprise products provide such a VPN and SSH port forwarding option.

Graph of a VPN with roadwarriors.

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